Holistic Psychiatry

Malika Burman, MD provides holistic psychiatric care for adults for all psychiatric problems, symptoms, and sufferring, including new and chronic conditions. Having sufficient time with your physician in a comfortable and supportive space is essential for building a solid therapeutic alliance and for gaining deeper insights into your own unique journey, challenges, and emotional pain or distress.

Dr. Burman dedicates a full therapy hour at each visit for her patients, employing her advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Jungian psychoanalysis, intuitively guided treatment modalities, and when necessary, medication and management and monitoring.

Whether you are experiencing problems with depression, mood regulation, focus and concentration, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, perceptions, decreased abilities in daily functioning, or you are having difficulty managing a previously diagnosed psychiatric condition, Dr. Burman will help you do the work of consciously processing past or current traumas, obstacles, and pain for the sake of continued growth, individuation, and personal empowerment.

Serving the greater Portland area with psychiatric care that is customized for the individual. Manifest with more of the intelligent life energy.